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V-Runners is an animated NFT collection of quirky virtual runners created by Dutch illustrator Mark Verhaagen. The collection combines Mark’s love for running with the endless possibilities of VR gaming and the upcoming Metaverse. The V-Runners squad runs on the XRP ledger.

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Let’s meet our quirky runners!

Every single one of these energetic runners is unique. Traits consist of funky VR masks, fun facial features, cool (or questionable!) fashion items and even pizza! Inspired by gaming, the one trait that gives the collection its distinctive look are the virtual reality islands that our heroes run over. Together, the variety of traits combined offer billions of possibilities!


Q3 2022

Create social channels and Discord server

Build the official V-Runners website

Release whitepaper v1.0

KYC Verified

Assign Discord moderators

Building the community

Host Twitter/Discord giveaways and contests

Collaborate with other XRPL Projects
Showcase more artwork including rares

Partner up with Sologenic

Release whitelist for V-Runners
Partner with other XRPL Projects
Marketing through social channels and ads
Interviews with Mark
Join Twitter spaces

Mint the genesis NFTs on Sologenic

Q4 2022

Collect XLS-14 NFTs for migration XLS-20
Expand the team
Look for ambassadors
Add new giveaways/contests
Giveaways/contests based on discord level
Join art contests
Create holiday themed NFTs
Promotions via other social channels (e.g youtube)
Partnerships with other XRPL projects
Showcase the free Flare NFTs for OG V-Runner holders
Apply for Ripple Grant?
Distribute the Flare NFTs to OG V-Runner holders?


Mark Verhaagen

As an illustrator and character designer, Mark has worked for international brands like MTV Networks, KLM/Air France and Vodafone. The friendly positive vibe of his work also led to many collaborations in the toys industry and other kids related projects. V-Runners is Mark’s first step in exploring the possibilities of NFTs.

During the pandemic, Mark started learning 3d. In order to bring his characters to life, he started experimenting with short animation loops. Trying to pack as much character and story as possible in as few frames as possible, these exercises quickly turned into a favorite pastime. During one of these sessions, the idea for V-Runners was born.

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frequently asked

How many NFTs are in this collection?

The V-Runners collection consists of 2000 unique NFTs. Some are more rare than others.

Where can I buy the V-Runners NFTs?

You can buy the V-Runners NFTs on the Sologenic marketplace. Whitelist spots will be available on Friday the 26th of August 00:00 AM CET. Set your alarm clock.

What are the Genesis V-Runners NFTs?

The Genesis NFTs are the first set of NFTs that will be minted on the sologenic marketplace. Only the earliest supporters will be able to mint this NFT.

What is the difference between the Genesis NFTs and the other ones?

The Genesis V-Runners NFTs are only obtainable by the earliest holders. They will enjoy a free V-Runners NFT on the Flare network! 1:1 Ratio. More information coming soon.

What are the utilities for the NFTs?

Right now we’re solely a 3D art project. As we progress in time we will be looking to add utilities that are real and feasible. As the space is getting more and more advanced, we believe that there will be great opportunities for utilities that we can implement for the V-Runners NFT collection.

Will there be a V-Runners game?

We think that the V-Runners theme and concept is perfect for a mobile game. We are actively searching for  game-developers that can help us in realising this idea. We don’t want to promise that it will happen (fast), but we are willing to put our time and efforts into creating this.

Ps: If you are a game-developer and think you can help us in this process, feel free to reach out.

Will there be giveaways?

We continuously host giveaways on our Twitter account and Discord server. Make sure you check it out.

V-Runners is an NFT collection of quirky virtual runners created by Dutch illustrator Mark Verhaagen.

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